My personal vision about the youth culture influenced by the hip-hop vibes with the east-coast New York taste. Skateboarding is not a crime but a way of life and since day one, when I was a skateboarder, it changed my mind, the way I look at the cities and people around me. I think (and I’m sure it is) skateboarder all around the world are recognized by the community. Any kind of barrier, no bullshit, this is reason why skateboarding is the best example to represent to others that it is not only a youth trend, but a real movement, a culture. The skate culture.

Every person got a different style influenced by personal cultural tribe, music, art or different things about life… but all of these are driven by own personal attitude. 

Styling & Photography: @alaincitton

Model: Davide Holzknecht @mecasrevm @nevmodels

Brands: @fredperry @fredperryitalia @supremenewyork @dickies @nbnumeric